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Moneto CashWrap 5 20% Off

The CashWrap 5 is the new NFC payment sleeve available from Moneto enabling you to make contactless  mobile payments from your  iPhone 5 and iPhone 5C.

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Features and benefits

Tap and go payments are made using the moneto app's prepaid mobile wallet. The wallet can be partnered with your bank account or payment card and lets pay for items by waving your iPhone 5 and iPhone 5C over a compatible payment terminal.

moneto is covered by MasterCard's zero liability policy, so if your phone or prepaid card is lost or stolen, or your account information is compromised, you are protected and covered against malicious and illegal activities.

The moneto CashWrap 5 NFC sleeve costs now just £71.96 and includes:

  • prepaid microSD to enable your iPhone with NFC and account access
  • free mobile app
  • linked prepaid MasterCard® for online & instore purchases
  • Sleek and durable moneto case
  • USB cable

Who's it for?

moneto combines the best of prepaid and the best NFC mobile technology into a unique and comprehensive mobile wallet. Moreover, moneto app gives you full control over your mobile wallet.

Fees and Charges

CashWrap 5 £71.96
Mobile App FREE
Kalixa Prepaid Mastercard FREE

Please see issuer website for complete list of fees and charges / terms and conditions

Get CashWrap 5
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Moneto CashWrap 5
Get CashWrap 5
  • Contactless
  • MasterCard
  • Chip and Pin