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Moneto CashWrap 4 20% Off

The CashWrap 4 is the slickest new moneto sleeve available from Moneto enabling you to make NFC conctacless mobile payments with your iPhone 4 and 4S. 

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Features and benefits

The moneto prepaid mobile wallet service, utilizing Near Field Communications (NFC) in conjunction with MasterCard® PayPass® technology, allows iPhones enables iPhones to make contactless payments.

Using moneto mobile wallet, you have all the freedom of prepaid at low true lifetime costs – with free load options and free to spend in-store or online.

The moneto CashWrap 4 NFC sleeve costs now just £67.96 and includes:

  • prepaid microSD to enable your iPhone with NFC and account access
  • free mobile app
  • linked prepaid MasterCard® for online & instore purchases
  • Sleek and durable moneto case
  • USB cable

Who's it for?

The moneto CashWrap 4 sleeve comes with a free prepaid contactless MasterCard® card, to allow you to make payments even when you want to use your account to spend online.

Fees and Charges

CashWrap 4 £67.96
Mobile App FREE
Kalixa Prepaid Mastercard FREE

Please see issuer website for complete list of fees and charges / terms and conditions

Get CashWrap 4
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Moneto CashWrap 4
Get CashWrap 4
  • Contactless
  • MasterCard
  • Chip and Pin