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Kalixa, the prepaid MasterCard®

Kalixa Pay, the MasterCard prepaid card, with its the lowest exchange   rate is the cheapest way to spend abroad.

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Features and benefits

Kalixa Pay is an excellent way of keeping your costs down abroad because there are no foreign exchange fees,no transaction charges and no commission – and an unbeatable exchange rate... in short, you won't find a cheaper way to spend abroad.

There's a handy currency converter on the Kalixa Pay website, so you can easily compare its exchange rate with other products on the market. What's more, unlike many "specialist" prepaid currency and travel cards, you won't be charged when you spend any remaining holiday money on your card when you're back in the UK.

Kalixa Pay is one of the very first prepaid cards to contain MasterCard's PayPass contactless technology, which means you can pay for items under £20 just by tapping your card on the contactless reader at the checkout in thousands of shops and restaurants, with many more being added every day.

Who's it for?

The Kalixa Pay prepaid MasterCard is the card for you if you want one of the best value prepaid cards on the market, for everyday secure and private spending, or if you want the cheapest way to spend abroad.

Fees and Charges

  • Charges
    Card Issue


    Monthly Charge FREE
  • Top-up Fees
    Credit Card 1.75%
    Debit Card FREE
    Standing Order FREE
    Bank Transfer FREE
    Cash via MasterCard rePower £3.25
    Skrill (Moneybookers) 3.5%
  • Usage Fees
    Transactions/Purchases FREE
    ATM Withdrawal (UK) £1.75
    ATM Withdrawal (Abroad) £2.25
    Foreign Exchange (FX) Fee FREE
  • Other Fees/Charges
    SMS Balance/Transaction Alerts Free
    Email Balance/Transaction Alerts Free

Please see issuer website for complete list of fees and charges / terms and conditions

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